5 Bobcat Attachments to Help With Spring and Summer Work

Bobcat Skid Steer With Attacments

A Bobcat skid steer is one of the most versatile construction and property maintenance vehicles on the planet. With the ability to quickly change attachments thanks to streamlined manufacturing, you can knock out multi-stage projects in a matter of hours.

To do this, however, you need to be equipped with the right tools. Knowledge of a few basic attachments and their key strengths will go a long way towards a productive job site. Here are our favorites for outdoor work this season.

5 Bobcat Attachments to Lighten the Load


Pesky debris can crowd a work site and prohibit safe operation. In applications such as municipal or industrial sites, extreme cleanliness is a must. The 84” Sweeper attachment takes care of larger debris while also mitigating dust and dirt left behind. The poly bristles direct these hindrances into the sweeper collection bucket, which you simply dump and dispose of when full. This crafty attachment is a powerful tool that takes care of several jobs at once. It’s the perfect solution for daily cleanup, dust abatement, site maintenance and more.

Auger Bit

To dig holes through any soil composition makeup with ease, an Auger Bit makes the job easy. Using hydraulic power, Auger Bits can reliably create accurate drill holes through rocky, clay, or coral-filled soil.

Auger Bits come in a wide variety of sizes and specifications – direct drive models use a hydraulic motor to balance torque and RPM effectively. Planetary models can deliver more torque through their gear drive system. Select the size and model that works best for your particular project, and get drilling in no time.

Heavy Duty Bucket

Perhaps the simplest but also one of the most effective Bobcat attachments, the Heavy Duty Bucket delivers precision, power and functionality. This handy attachment can be used to cut an accurate grade, scrape a surface clean, flatten an area and much more. Heavy Duty Buckets combine strength and durability, making them an absolute must for most any job site.

Rotary Tiller

For gardens and small fields, there are few attachments more useful than the Rotary Tiller. With bi-directional rotation and the ability to till up to 6” below the surface, the Rotary Tiller completes in minutes what would take a work crew hours to do by hand. This attachment is useful for hunters who want to create food plots, as well as weekend warriors tending to their own small farms.

Stump Grinder

To totally clear an area, you can’t stop at the surface. Remaining tree stumps will inhibit the possibility of installing effective plumbing, underground tanks, powerlines, or even planting and tilling. However, removing a stump completely can be a tall task without the right equipment.

That’s where the Stump Grinder comes in. While simple and easy to operate, this one-of-a-kind attachment reduces giant stumps to a pulp with cutting teeth on both sides of the grinding wheel. The responsive suspension system eliminates the risk of overloading, you can feel confident attacking stumps with force.

Equip Your Skid Steer for Any Project

With most Bobcat models manufactured with quick-change attachment technology, there is no reason you can’t tackle all your projects with a single machine. Building up an inventory of these key Bobcat attachments will make your skid steer a formidable foe to any brush, debris, tree stumps or uneven ground that stands in the way of your project. For additional guidance or product recommendations, get in touch with a GDF team member.

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